Facility Environmental Management

The long-term success of every business is directly linked to its commitment to environmental stewardship and the health and safety of its workers and the community.  Management of the hazards and risks associated with complex operating environments requires a multi-disciplinary team of scientist and engineers working in partnership with business owners and managers.  We have been working with agricultural and industrial clients for 20 years providing a wide variety of environmental management and worker safety and health services. 

Our services include:

  • waste stream sampling and management
  • environmental monitoring
  • pollutant storage system compliance inspection and closure
  • facility decontamination and demolition
  • pollution control equipment maintenance
  • RCRA facilities audits
  • Worker safety and health audits, and
  • sampling and evaluation of raw products, soil amendments, and background/baseline conditions.

Tinker Air Force Base

Facilities Environmental Management

Tinker Air Force Base - TASK Environmental, Inc. provided maintenance services for environmental control systems for an electroplating line at Tinker Air Force Base.

Talisman Exchange

Property Acquisition and Management Serivces

TASK Environmental, Inc. conducted Phase I, II, and III Environmental Site Assessments in the EAA for the Talisman Exchange project.
TASK is providing environmental management services to support closure of a sugar mill.  The plant was inspected and chemicals inventoried. An environmental closure plan and estimated cost were developed for client approval.  Waste chemicals were collected, categorized, packaged and disposed of.  Fluorescent bulbs and ballasts were removed and disposed of.  Obsolete metal parts and piping were collected and recycled. Debris was collected and disposed of.  We have closed the above ground tanks and piping to include the Bunker C tank and piping, acid and caustic tanks and piping, and mineral oil tanks.  An assessment and remediation of the Bunker C tank area was conducted, and site closure was approved by the FDEP.