TASK Environmental, Inc. was contracted by the U.S. Navy in May 2000 to perform remediation services at the North Tank Fuel Farm (NTFF) at the former Cecil Field Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida. The NTFF served as the main storage and transfer point for all jet fuel (JP-5) requirements on the base. This five-acre site included six (6) 595,000 gallon above-ground concrete and steel storage tanks, and approximately one mile of associated steel piping. Additionally, all of the tanks and piping were covered in soil up to 17 feet above the existing ground surface.

The objective of the remediation was to: 1) Remove the sod and soil covering the tanks, and process clean from contaminated soil; 2) Dismantle the storage tanks and pipe network and either recycle or dispose of the steel and concrete; 3) Collect and process for offsite treatment any free product and contaminated groundwater and stormwater encountered; 4) Excavate and process all contaminated soil below the site down to the water table; and, 5) Backfill, grade and seed the restored property. Eight full-time staff worked seven months to complete this project on schedule and within the Navy's budget. The following materials were managed and processed: – 140,000 tons of contaminated soil (excavated and landfilled)
– 60,000 tons of uncontaminated soil (excavated and used as backfill)
– 40,000 tons of additional backfill delivered onsite
– 21,000 gallons of petroleum-contact water (treated offsite)
– 5,000 truckloads of contaminated soil loaded and manifested
– 5,000 tons of concrete removed and recycled
– 2,700 tons of steel removed and recycled The NTFF project was the largest remediation of its kind ever carried out by the Department of the Navy's Southern Division. This effort earned TASK a nomination by CH2M Hill Constructors, Inc. as Small Subcontractor of the Year for calendar year 2000.