Chevron Chemical Company Orlando Facility Remedial Investigation, Feasibility Study, Removal Action, and Post-Closure Monitoring - The site was in operation as a pesticide formulation plant producing parathion, chlordane, captan, malathion, and paraquat for bulk wholesale distribution. DDT, difolatan, BHC-lindane, dieldrin, aldrin, dibromamine, and nutritional sprays were also formulated at this facility. TASK Environmental prepared a Sampling and Analysis Plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan, and Work Plan to conduct the Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study of the site in accordance with the Superfund Accelerated Cleanup Model (SACM). TASK collected data to identify the presence of contaminants at the site; assess the extent, magnitude and impact of contamination; and develop an appropriate site remedy. Monitor well installation and sampling and aquifer testing were conducted to establish aquifer characteristics and input for groundwater modeling. Soil samples were collected from adjacent properties to determine potential contaminant migration.

A Removal Action was conducted on the adjacent property to remove chlordane-contaminated soil, and a stormwater management plan was implemented at the site to prevent contaminant migration.  TASK presently provides long-term monitoring and maintenance services.