The Marzone Superfund site was operated as a pesticide formulation facility between 1950 and 1970 by the Chevron Chemical Company and by others until the mid 1980s. Past operations caused pesticide and solvent contamination of the soil and shallow groundwater at the site. More than 3,000 tons of contaminated soil and concentrated pesticide residues were removed from the site from 1979 to the mid-1980s. EPA determined that additional soil removal must be conducted for long-term protection of health and the environment.

TASK was contracted to excavate the remaining contaminated soil and to provide remedial construction services. TASK excavated, stockpiled, and loaded approximately 20,000 tons of contaminated soil. The excavation was completed to precise surveyed elevations to remove specific contaminated areas. Site activities also included repair and maintenance of the groundwater treatment system; maintenance of the contaminated soil stockpile; removal of investigation-derived wastes; and structure decontamination and demolition.